May 28th

The Complete and Utter Self-Discovery of MadeByTerry


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This is the First official Studio album by MadeByTerry Available for Early Pre-Sale with Playback! If you are reading this you are one of the few Fans/Followers/Supporters I have. Thank You, and Enjoy. MadeByTerry

Terrance Woodall Juice Holders Nonymous

Expected release: June 29, 2021

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Over 50 units out Trunkz-Tape



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The 6th Project from MadeByTerry! The Double Meaning themed EP adopted by Terry Influenced by Friend and Fellow collaborator underground artist Finding Novyon is paked with 5 solid Records including the EXTREMELY BOP-FUL "Yung Bumlas" which is also the latest single from Terry. ALL in ALL this a a Guaranteed Play Through with Ease and grace that takes you from The newest vibes, to the classical DJ Delinquint Produced Ending of Time Chambers which definitely gives the same structure as the duos previous collaborations.
This project is made to Rumble "Trunks" and give insight on future material to come.

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His Style consist of a original Rap feel with a modernized hip-hop sense of catchiness! With a very open minded heartfelt soul to it his sound is Exact(The Truth) NO need for exagerations and NO room for bluff. From love songs where he puts your heart on his sleeve, to "Boom Bap" type hip-hop with a 90s basement party type feel. Born in 1990 he come's from the 90's though and through. Artist like DMX, Tupac Shakur, Busta Rhymes and The Pharcyde are all on repition in the MadeByTerry Rhythmic playlist of Inspiration as well as Musiq Soulchild, D'Angelo and Lauryn Hill.